Sunday, December 10, 2000

In Switzerland and in France, open calls to kill Revisionists

On Sunday 10 December 2000, a Swiss weekly printed an article by Emmanuelle Marendaz: “La Suisse aux trousses d’un facho planqué en Iran” (“Switzerland on the tail of a Fascist in hiding in Iran”,, p. 5). The article is illustrated with a portrait of Jürgen Graf in the form of a “Wanted” poster pierced with bullet holes.

At about 5pm on the same day, in France, the FR3 television network aired a “documentary” on the city of Lyon, considered the capital of revisionism. It shows Robert Faurisson as a loathsome character who, with his scathing pen, kills Jews. A gold pen is seen tracing words on paper. Suddenly, a splatter of blood falls onto a text at the bottom of which there appears, in big letters of blood, the word “Myth”. Just before, the screen was filled with a close-up shot of the face of the criminal fit to be killed.